An aggressive moose caused issues Friday for some people on the south side of Anchorage.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Dave Battle says the cow with a calf charged several people trying to check their mail near the south end of Potter Marsh.

“Anyone who gets out to get their mail gets charged and has the potential to get injured,” Battle said.            

Law enforcement blocked off the area while air horns and bear spray were used to try to get the animal to move, without success.  

Biologists say they rarely encounter such a stubborn moose and that its dangerous behavior is a concern for public safety.
“Its entirely possible that there’s a stillborn calf in there somewhere and maybe that’s why she’s being so stubborn,” Battle said. “We’ve seen that happen occasionally but she has one live calf and it would be unusual for them to defend a stillborn carcass this long, but it could happen.”

This moose has charged but not made contact with anyone, according to the department. However, Battle says he’s aware of at least three moose attacks on people this year.

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