A three-week-old muskox calf has found a new permanent home at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. 

In a press release sent Friday, AWCC said the calf, named Athena, is the first rescued animal of the season.

She was recovered from outside Deadhorse after her mother and sibling were killed by a grizzly bear, according to the center.

A Department of Transportation employee found Athena being chased by foxes and saved her. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game helped facilitate her rescue and find her a permanent home at AWCC.

Athena's full name is, 'Athena Mini Ming Won,' after the name of the employee who helped rescue her, according to the release.

Alaska Airlines donated flights to help bring Athena from the North Slope to Anchorage.

The public will be able to see Athena at the conservation center later this summer.

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