A report released by National Park Service shows nearly three million people visited Alaska's parks in 2018 and spent $1.4 billion across the state.

“Alaska's national parks are world treasures and people from across the country as well as around the globe come here to experience them,” NPS Regional Director Bert Frost said.

NPS says visitor spending supported more than 17,000 jobs in Alaska, resulting in a $2 billion benefit to the state economy.

According to NPS, the agency's regional office in Alaska manages about 100 concession contracts and 500 commercial authorizations with local companies and international corporations to provide visitor services.

Transportation was the state's highest share of visitor spending at $519 million. Recreation industries, which includes tours and activities, came in second at $247 million.

The national visitor spending data, gathered by the U.S. Geological Survey and NPS, shows 318 million park visitors spent $20.2 billion and supported 329,000 jobs across the country.

In all, national park tourism contributed $40.1 to the U.S. economy in 2018.

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