Alaska and the military have been connected throughout history. It's recognized that the final shots of the Civil War occurred off Alaska's coast in the Bering Sea and battles were fought during World War II in the Aleutian Islands. Today, Alaska is strategically positioned on the globe as countries like Russia and China work to increase military presence in the Arctic.

United States Navy's commander of recruiting Rear Admiral Brendan McLane says Alaska's position makes it even more important to have people serving in the Navy.

Rear Adm. McLane says he's visiting Alaska's four Naval recruiting stations in Anchorage at the Dimond Center and Tikhatnu Commons, Wasilla and Fairbanks to find more Alaskans who want to serve.

"Alaskans join at an increasing rate," McLane says. "In 2017 we had about 108 join; last year 168. We have already had 65 ship off to boot camp and another 87 signed up, so it's growing."

Rear Adm. McLane says he appreciates the high-quality sailors Alaska produces and he's focusing on connecting with more young people to share the benefits of joining the Navy.

"Our Forged by the Sea campaign is about two-years-old. We started with about 70% of those resources going to television and 30% going to digital and other things," RDML McLane said about the campaign's marketing strategy. "What we're doing now is we have swapped that. We have evolved to the point where 70% of resources are online. So we're both in social media, we're reaching out and trying to connect with centennials."


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Rear Adm. McLane will be in Alaska for a few days meeting with recruiters, Alaska's Navy lead, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, airport officials and port officials.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly named the U.S. Navy's recruitment campaign Forage by the Sea. The correct name for the program is Forged by the Sea.

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