As lawmakers continue working on budgets and determining the size of this year’s Permanent Fund dividend, a state fair bill awaits Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s signature.

Senate Bill 16 creates several kinds of recreational alcohol licenses that also includes permits for skiing and snowboarding areas, and bowling alleys.

But it was word late last year that the state fair would not get a license this year that generated the bill drafted by Sen. Peter Micciche, R-Soldotna.

After the state reviewed the recreational license parameters, it was learned that no license matched the business type of a state fair.

SB 16 was among the final bills to clear both chambers last Wednesday, the 121st and final day of the regular session.

Had it not passed, the bill could have been voted on next session or been added to the special session’s agenda by Dunleavy.

The mission of SB 16 was also part of a broader alcohol regulatory rewrite bill – SB 52 – but that bill didn’t move as quickly as SB 16, so Micciche focused on the smaller legislation.

“We still move forward on Senate Bill 52, which corrects hundreds of other issues with our alcohol laws, but this bill is specifically designed to protect small business in Alaska,” he said.

SB 16 must still be sent to the governor's desk for his signature.

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