Two Big Lake Elementary School students are being rewarded for their dedication to reading.

On Tuesday morning, the Iditarod Masonic Lodge No. 20 gave away two new bicycles to kids in two age groups. The organization raised the money to purchase the bikes with their annual Vidalia onion sales.

Big Lake students participate in the school’s accelerated reader program where they earn points by reading books and passing a test on each one.

Second grader Hazel Bischoff was one of about 30 kindergarten through second grade students who received an accelerated reader award for all four quarters.

She was randomly selected as the winner from the younger classes.

“I was so proud of myself that I got this bike,” said 8-year-old Hazel, who added she read “a lot of books.”

Third grader Starr-leigh Olson was the winner from the older group of students.

“My mind was about to blow up!” she said.

Big Lake principal Brenna Reintsma said it’s nice to see community organizations like the Masonic Lodge giving back to students in need.

“We know if kids do a good job with reading at the elementary level, they’re going to be more successful as we get older and turn into awesome human beings as they get to be adults,” Reintsma said.

The Iditarod Masonic Lodge also teamed up with the Lion’s Club to give away one bike in Willow and two more in Meadow Lakes.

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