If you're in the market for some hanging baskets you might want to head to Eagle River this week. At the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, you'll find hundreds of flowers, vegetables, herbs and crafts — all made possible by the women serving time there. 

"It's pretty therapeutic for the ladies to be able to work outside, work with their hands in the earth and do things start to finish," says Department of Corrections Commissioner Nancy Dahlstrom.

Not everyone gets the chance to work in the prison greenhouse or sell plants in the parking lot outside the prison walls, but those who want it and have good behavior can apply.

It's the third year Sarah Hayes has helped out. She says she marks her time in prison around events like this.

"It's a huge blessing because inside it's the same sights, same sounds, same conversations, same people. And so just to have a week out with the public, and just having other stimulating conversation, and just being out is an honor and it definitely gives me a little bit of a recharge to go back in and do more time," she said.

All the money from the sale goes back into the greenhouse program so they can continue growing plants for next year's sale.

The event starts Tuesday at 9 a.m. and runs through Saturday or until all the plants are gone.

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