It's not easy to to get onto JBER without a pass. You have to get one, then often wait in line to go through security checkpoints.

It's about to get busier, especially at the Boniface Gate.

Traffic in both directions will be shifted to the outbound side Monday, and limited to one lane each. That will last for three weeks. then, similar work starts on the other side, again for three weeks.

"We'll just have to adjust," said Scheyla McAlister, who waited to get onto JBER.

Boniface is the first gate to get improved security measures.

"What we're doing is replacing the existing barrier system that we have there right now, with a new net-barrier, it pops up out of the ground, to stop a runaway or a gate runner," said Hazim Yunsi, the project manager with the 673rd Civil Engineering Squadron.

Once work on Boniface is done, crews will shut down the Muldoon Gate for similar work, then Post Road and finally the Government Hill entrance. All of the work is scheduled to wrap up by the end of September.

"That makes me feel better, more secure, makes me feel good about it," McAlister said.

The gates are not the only places at JBER where traffic is shifting.

Provider Drive remains open, but, is getting a major facelift in sections, starting from Vandenberg to Westover.

"It's bascially replacing the pavement that's about 20 to 21-year-old pavement that's deteriorated," said Yunsi. "It started last week, and should be done, probably within the next four weeks."

Crews will then resurface the area from Provider to Muldoon Gate.

The improvements mean longer lines, and JBER leaders say, eventually, a stronger sense of security.

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