The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is posting signs in an Eagle River subdivision warning residents about a moose attack that happened Friday afternoon.

Biologist Dave Battle said the attack happened on a trail in the Eaglewood subdivision behind the Walmart store. The trail is off North Montague Loop and Andreanof Drive.

Mark McAllister, operations manager for the Eaglewood Homeowners Association, said he was told by the Anchorage Police Department that a man was walking his dog on the trail when he attacked by the moose. McAllister said the injured man was discovered by a contractor working for the homeowners association who saw him crawling along the trail and calling for help. The contractor called police.

The injuries were serious but not life threatening, McAllister said, and that the man was taken to the hospital.

Fish and Game said the moose was no longer on the scene by the time they arrived. In addition to posting signs, officials are also advising residents to stay off the trails.

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