If you are planning on driving to work on Friday, be prepared to share the road with thousands of bikers. Friday is national Bike to Work Day, and for the 12th year in a row, Anchorage is participating.

Pierce Schwalb, director of the nonprofit Bike Anchorage, said he isn't sure how many people will ride their bikes to work but it's likely to be a lot. Bikers will be hitting the roads, the trails and even the sidewalks during the morning and evening commutes.

"If you've never biked to work before, [Friday] is the perfect day to try it out," Schwalb said. "You'll have a bunch of friends, there will be treats, there will be coffee and we will guarantee that you'll love it."

This year there will be more than 60 stations where bikers can take a break and sample refreshments from 6 to 9 a.m.

And yes, the popular "bacon station" has returned.

A map highlights where stations are located:

Schwalb reminds both drivers and bikers to be extra cautious and on the lookout for each other. He said motorists should give bikers at least three feet of room when passing and to use patience when they can't pass immediately.

"If you do have wait behind a cyclist before passing them safely, absolutely do that," said Schwalb. "And also be more aware at intersections. Especially when you are turning into driveways or turning into intersections, be looking on sidewalks and crosswalks and making sure they are clear."

Even though Bike to Work is only a one-day event, Schwalb said he hoped people would recognize the benefits of commuting by bike and make it an ongoing habit.

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