An Anchorage chiropractor's downtown business suffered pain of a different sort last month, after a gunshot shattered two windows causing $1,300 in damage.

"The next morning the cleaning service called me in a frantic said your clinic's been shot. She showed me the window. She didn't know how that happened. She didn't see the side window and there was a bullet on the ground," said Dr. Todd Curzie with Curzie Chiropractic.

A bullet hole in a window at Curzie Chiropractic in downtown Anchorage. (Ken Kulovany/KTVA)

Curzie believes the gunfire happened on the afternoon of Saturday, April 27. He says the bullet entered a lobby window, then shattered the front door of the office on East Seventh Avenue near Barrow Street.

The chiropractor says he and some patients were inside the building a few hours before the shooting. Curzie says he has been mostly happy with the downtown location, but wasn't aware of a lot of other crime around the building until KTVA did a little digging.

"Way more than I thought," he said when presented with the data.

Crimes like Curzie's shattered windows are being tracked across the municipality in a mapping system operated by the Anchorage Police Department. It shows some simple assaults, a couple aggravated assaults and reports of shootings near his business.

The online community crime map shows where and what types of crime are happening around Anchorage.

It is information APD wants the public to see.

"Generally people just want to know what's happening around their street, their neighborhood, their little neck of the woods they go to and from every single day," said APD Officer Natasha Welch.

Welch says the crime mapping system includes activity in Anchorage and Eagle River. Police say the public information comes from police reports, which includes from an officer, online or by APD's records division.

People can type in an address and see what kind of crime is happening in the area as well as choosing to look at all crimes or select individual crimes. Looking at reported crimes from several months ago shows crime in clusters around town.

According to Welch, groups such as realtors and community councils use the crime mapping system.

Police are investigating the bullet found at Curzie Chiropractic. At this time there have been no arrests.

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