From substance abuse treatment to disaster relief, the Salvation Army has been serving Alaskans in need for 120 years. An evangelic part of the universal Christian church, the organization aims to transform the lives of individuals by helping meet their basic needs and offering spiritual services. 

In celebration of National Salvation Army week, the Alaska Division is holding its 12th annual Transformed Treasures art auction Saturday to raise funds for local programs. The pieces featured at the event are created by Alaskan artists using items found at Salvation Army thrift stores.

"They see something when they walk through our stores and are able to create something out of nothing, really - a few odds and end pieces - and make something that individuals would really want to purchase and have as a part of their home," says Major John Brackenbury, the Salvation Army Alaska divisional commander, told KTVA's Daybreak Thursday. "And that's essentially what the Salvation Army does with individuals who come in to our programs. We help to transform their lives and to bring them in to a different realization of who they can be."

The Salvation Army says money raised from the auction will go toward services it provides  at places like The McKinnell House family shelter, The Clitheroe Center, Serendipity adult day center and the Older Alaskans Program.

The organization is also working with Alaskans affected by the Nov. 30 earthquake. 

"We'll continue to do that, and we'll do so until all of their needs are taken care of," Brackenbury says.

Transformed Treasures takes place on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at the Egan Civic and Convention Center. Tickets are $40, include lunch and are available through

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