Our cloudy, mild stretch continues. We might see a few peeks of sunshine in the afternoon, but enjoy those while you can– they won't last long. 

Despite the cloud cover, temps will climb to the upper-50s. All in all it's a relatively mild day. Mostly cloudy skies in the morning will stick around through the day. There is the chance of a few sprinkles early in the day. Most of those stay North of Anchorage. Overnight, temps will stay in the 40s as clouds dominate the sky. 

Friday will be another mild one. Almost an exact repeat of Thursday. Mostly cloudy and mild with temps climbing to near 60 degrees in the afternoon. 

At this point in time, the weekend is looking perfect. Temperatures will hover in the low-60s, with a mix of clouds and sun. It doesn't get much better when it comes to the middle of May!

With more than 17.5 hours of daylight, we are bound to see some sunshine peek through before the sun sets. 
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo