On Monday engineers and construction crews at the partially closed Eagle River Town Center building were assessing additional Nov. 30 earthquake damage, which was discovered last week.

"The crews are taking the [outer] brick facade and foam off the walls," said Robin Ward, the Municipality of Anchorage's director of real estate services. "Once that is all off, then they'll do a wall sonar to check the concrete blocks for damage."

Bricks on the facade, which had been loosened during the 7.1 quake, were recently found by inspectors to be in danger of falling. The building was abruptly closed Friday until further analysis could be done.

Soon afterward the Alaska Club, which operates in the middle of the building, was reopened. The north side of the building is still closed, as is the south side where the Chugiak-Eagle River Library, the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce and various municipal offices are located.

"We're kind of in a mad scramble trying to find a temporary home," said Karen Richards with Eagle River-Chugiak Parks and Recreation. "We're not sure where we are going to go or for how long."

"It'll take us a few days to get the wall results back," said municipal building official Bob Doehl. "We won't really know the extent [of damage] until that is complete."

Initial results show that the damage is only to the surrounding facade, there appears to be no immediate damage inside. 

"We just need to be safe," Ward said. "[It] should take a week to get all the brick and foam off and then a week to repair, so we're looking at two weeks."

The timeline could be longer, although Parks and Recreation officials say the sooner the better as the end of school nears, with summer programs are already on the starting blocks.

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