If you worked for two or more employers in Alaska last year, state officials say you may be entitled to a tax refund — if you apply for it this year.

According to the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, eligible Alaskans include those who made more than $39,500 last year, worked multiple jobs and paid more than the maximum $197.50 in contributions to unemployment insurance.

“Refund request forms with proof of earnings and payment of unemployment insurance must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2019,” state officials wrote. “UI contributions paid by workers may be listed on the worker’s W-2 form(s) in Box 14 or on their pay stubs. Workers can also contact their employers for the information.”

Virginia Calloway, the department’s chief of tax, said employees pay contributions based on a state pay threshold for unemployment insurance. Last year the contributions were based on up to $39,500 of pay, while this year they’ll be based on up to $39,900 of pay.

“If someone has multiple jobs and they pay [contributions on] over the $39,500 in 2018, then they’ve paid too much into the program,” Calloway said.

State officials have no estimate of how many Alaskans might have been overcharged. Calloway said any amount beyond $197.50 is eligible to be refunded.

Many tax preparers are aware of the issue, Calloway said, and may have already applied for rebates on behalf of clients who worked multiple jobs last year. Although people who used a tax preparer can check with them to see if they applied, there is no penalty for submitting additional applications.

“If they send it in twice, that’s not going to kill us,” Calloway said. “Again, we’d rather have someone err on the side of caution.”

The application form for the refund is hosted on the department’s website. It can also be requested by mail from the following address:

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Employment Security Contribution
P.O. Box 115509
Juneau, AK 99811-5509

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