The Musk Ox Farm in Palmer is welcoming two calves this spring.

This year’s babies are named after cheeses.

A baby girl named Gouda was born on April 26 and a little male named Muenster was born a day later.

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“They’re little cheese puffs,” said communications coordinator Kerry Nelson. “We’ve decided as they grow they’ll be cheese curds and eventually they’ll be aged cheeses.”

Nelson and several of the other farm staffers are from Wisconsin and have been pushing for a cheese theme.

“Dani [Biersteker, the education programming coordinator,] is from Green Bay, she’s from the motherland of cheeseheads. I’m from Milwaukee but we’re all cheeseheads there,” Nelson laughed.

The calves bring the farm’s total to 83 animals.

“We’re really still at that place we’re trying to maintain our herd size,” said executive director Mark Austin. “We’re not looking to significantly add to the herd but keeping our breeding program alive and well.”

The Musk Ox Farm opens to the public on Mother’s Day, May 12. Moms get in for free that day. 

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