Anchorage saw its rainiest day of 2019 on Wednesday, setting a new record for daily rainfall. 

Anchorage officially picked up 0.56 inches of rain, surpassing the previous record of 0.44 inches set back on May 8, 1962. On average, Anchorage only sees this much rain six times per year and this is only the second time in 20 years we've seen this much rain on one day in May. 

Wednesday's rainfall in Anchorage set a new record for May 8th.

Here are the top 5 wettest days of 2019 so far:

  1. May 8 – 0.51 inches
  2. Jan. 29 – 0.37 inches
  3. April 22 – 0.27 inches
  4. Jan. 28 – 0.23 inches 
  5. April 29 – 0.21 inches 

The last time we had this much precipitation fall in Anchorage was back in November!

Rainfall as of 6:01 PM. Another 0.05

Even heavier rain fell across Prince William Sound where more than an inch added up in Valdez and 1.27 inches fell in Cordova.

All of this rain is a good thing. Spring showers help dormant vegetation come back to life and heavier rain helps bring pollen levels down

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