As the Oregon Lakes fire continues to burn in the Interior, a red flag warning is in effect for parts of the area on Tuesday, May 7 until 9 p.m.: the Deltana and Tanana Flats as well as the eastern Alaska Range.

A red flag warning means weather conditions are right for increased fire danger.

Dry conditions and wind gusts as high as 45 mph will increase fire danger through the day, before more moisture and calmer conditions arrive in the late evening. 

The warning follows the spread of the early-season blaze, 11 miles southwest of Delta Junction. The Oregon Lakes fire started April 30 and has grown to an estimated 6,670 acres as of Tuesday morning. 


There are two main criteria for Tuesday's warning:

  • Relative humidities equal to or below 25%
  • Sustained winds of at least 30 mph

Unlike some regions, there are no temperature requirements for this warning.

In red flag conditions, fire danger is high enough that something as small as a stray cigarette can cause a wildfire. Be sure to closely monitor all burning and fully extinguish all fires until they are cool to the touch. 

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