The process of naming Anchorage School Board officers started last Wednesday, ahead of Monday’s board meeting. Board members and the superintendent took a series of straw votes and made nominations for reorganizing positions on the board.

"We do it every year once we have new elections and new board members," board president Starr Marsett said at Wednesday's meeting. "And even if it's board members getting reelected, we go through the process of doing our slate for president and vice president, treasurer and clerk, and the different committees, who's going to chair what, what school assignments are going to go to what member, those type of things."

The group has these discussions before the meeting to find out who's interested in which roles and make sure no one is blindsided during the vote. 

"Basically it's done this way just to find out who's even interested serving on those different committees and in those board positions," Marsett said. "Then that way we can move forward with the slate."

On Monday night, the selections were made official with Marsett keeping her role as president, Alisha Hilde elected as the new vice president, newly sworn-in board member Margo Bellamy as clerk and Elisha Vakalis continuing her role as treasurer. 

Anchorage School District Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop smiled as she announced the roles.

"The slate of officers does pass and at this time I will hit the last gavel and turn it back over," Dr. Bishop said.

The school board also decided to move their meetings from Mondays to Tuesdays. That change will be implemented in August 2019.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 20.

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