A pair of crime bills is getting closer to final votes in the state Legislature.

The first is one of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s bills: House Bill 49. It’s one of four bills he proposed.

The bill passed the House Finance Committee Monday morning and is poised for a floor vote. House Speaker Rep. Bryce Edgmon, I-Dillingham, said it could be on the floor in a few days. The bill places an emphasis on increased sentences for certain felonies and specific sex crimes.

Dunleavy has been disappointed with the pace the House has used with his crime bills, but on Monday said he agreed with the 60-plus-page bill.

“Contained in HB 49 are the elements that we talked about,” Dunleavy said. “So if that bill stays intact, it will do the job for what we were looking for.”

Even if the House approves, the Senate can still make changes when it gets its change for review.

Rep. John Lincoln’s House Bill 14 addresses what’s become known as the "Schneider loophole" and is ready for a Senate floor vote having passed the House on April 27. It classifies forcing someone to come in contact with semen without consent a sex crime, and it recognizes the grave nature of strangling someone to the point of becoming unconscious.

The bill, which passed the Senate Finance Committee on Monday, also requires notification to all sex crime victims, not just felony victims. It has not yet been scheduled for a Senate floor vote, but lawmakers have offered widespread support for this change.

Lawmakers have until May 15, the final day of the session, to complete their work.

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