Kandi Kehoe uses People Mover buses every day to reach her job at the Egan Center in Anchorage.

The ride home from the Downtown Transit Center, at Sixth Avenue and H Street, can be challenging.

"I get hassled pretty much every night that I am down there," Kehoe said.

Her journey starts from the bus stop at Benson Boulevard near Spenard Road, where she says she was attacked in April.

"This person kept coming up to me, and I kept backing up," Kehoe said. "Next thing I know, I'm on the ground and I'm crying; they still didn't stop, they hit me in the face."

Kehoe said she did not report the incident to the Anchorage Police Department because she thought the person would have been gone by the time anyone responded. She says she started carrying a Taser to protect herself.

"There's a lot of people having problems with this," said Nick Danger, chair of the municipality's Public Safety Advisory Commission.

He and the other commission members want People Mover to be safer for passengers. They have passed a resolution that calls on the Anchorage Assembly to come up with solutions.

"I know we can't have a police officer on every bus, but we can do a security force or a bus monitoring system," Danger said. "Other cities do the same thing, but somebody needs to be there to help the bus driver and the patrons out."

Kehoe and Danger also claim people dump trash at bus stops and use them as bathrooms.

Anchorage police report there have been two assaults, two stolen cars and a theft near the transit center this year. Meanwhile, the bus stop where Kehoe said her attack took place has only had a theft reported by APD in 2019.

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