A major Anchorage nonprofit group is warning locals not to give personal credit card information to scammers using its name.

United Way of Anchorage officials said in a statement Monday that the calls were coming from “an entity identifying itself as UNITED WAY, calling from 907-263-3802.”

“This is a scam – a random spoof call,” United Way of Anchorage officials wrote. “It is NOT targeted to United Way of Anchorage donors and no donor information has been compromised.”

The scam has been reported to law enforcement authorities by the nonprofit, which is reaching out to warn the public as well.

Anyone with questions about the scam is urged to contact the United Way of Anchorage’s chief operating officer, Sue Brogan, at sbrogan@ak.org or 907-263-3821, or chief financial officer Beverly Westhoff at bwesthoff@ak.org or 907-263-3810.

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