It was a different kind of commute for some people in Palmer on Monday — more than two dozen people participated in the third annual Drive Your Tractor to Work day.

Tractors of all makes and models took off from Glacier Valley Farm and drove the back roads to downtown Palmer.

Drivers included farmers from around the Matanuska Valley, as well as Matanuska-Susitna Borough Mayor Vern Halter, Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Corri Feige and Matanuska Electric Association President Tony Izzo.

Arthur Keyes, the event's organizer, said it’s a fun way to kick off the planting season.

“It’s an opportunity for farmers before they get their heads buried into their job to come out and celebrate what we do and tractors are kind of fun, everyone loves a tractor, I love mine,” Keyes said. “I know every farmer I know loves their tractor. So this gives them an opportunity to come out, show it off.”

Keyes, who owns Glacier Valley Farm, said the event honors Alaska’s agriculture industry, which is especially important in the Valley.

“All the roads you’re driving on you can thank a farmer for putting these roads in 80 plus years ago. It’s a good reminder of what we’re doing here in Alaska,” Keyes said.

At the Palmer Train Depot, the farmers had a hearty, Alaska Grown breakfast that included VanderWeele potatoes, Havemeister milk and Alaska Flour Company barley pancakes.

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