As the ground in Anchorage thaws, Alaskans are getting out, and the Healthy Futures program wants to push them even further with its 100 Miles in May challenge. The month-long campaign serves as an annual fundraiser for the program. Participants choose between a per-mile pledge or a flat-rate donation. All of the money raised helps support Healthy Futures activities for school-age Alaskans. 

The friendly competition is geared towards all adults, no athletic abilities necessary. 

"There's so many of these, kind of black tie banquet-type events, you know, silent auctions, etc. This is a fundraiser that kind of gives as well as it gets, so we're really happy about that aspect," said Harlow Robinson, Exec. Director of Healthy Futures. "If we want to promote a healthy youth population, the adults need to be the role models."

One of those role models is Alaska Sports Hall of Fame champion and Olympic Athlete Holly Brooks, who's known as "Healthy Hero" with the program.

"We're out in the community shaking hands, we're stopping at the finish line, and sharing our message," Brooks explained. That message, she says, is that no matter how old or fit you are, it's important to keep moving.  

"A hundred sounds like a lot, right? But the cool thing about 100 Miles in May is that everything counts," Brooks noted. 

The challenge website makes the math easy, with a drop-down menu that converts most physical activity into miles run. For example, spending an hour mowing the lawn counts for four miles. Whether you're hitting the trails or just hitting a ball, Healthy Futures says it's a win either way — and perfect for the month of May. 

"Being active should bring you joy, and it should make you feel good," said Robinson. 

There's still plenty of time to sign up for the challenge. To register, visit the 100 Miles in May website.

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