The state Marijuana Control Board has initially approved draft changes to Alaska's recently approved onsite consumption regulations, which would relax requirements for shops that let customers consume edible pot products without allowing marijuana to be smoked.

The board decided at a Wednesday meeting to send a version of the revised rules out for public comment.

The changes would allow stores to seek endorsements for onsite consumption of only edible products. Unlike the endorsements that would allow onsite smoking, the edible-only endorsements wouldn't require freestanding buildings with their own ventilation systems.

Another change to the onsite consumption rules would allow businesses that have onsite endorsements to be housed in the same freestanding building as other marijuana licensees.

Also, retailers in areas with no local government could seek onsite endorsements under the same requirements as those for seeking a new marijuana license.

On Wednesday, board members expressed concern about whether the regulation’s definition of freestanding might conflict with one used by state law on smoking, also asking whether multiple marijuana stores might be contained in the same building.

Regulators responded that any part of the freestanding definition which ran afoul of state law could be withdrawn or amended, and that multiple marijuana businesses could be in the same building under the proposed rules.

According to the Associated Press, just three of the board’s usual five members were present for the vote, with one member traveling out of state and another seat empty. 

The decision came just after the board sent proposed changes to regulations governing marijuana tracking and grading, as well as testing oversight, forward for public comment.

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