An Anchorage man is accused of stabbing his former colleague with a pair of scissors and a person who knows the suspect said it could be linked to prior disagreements.

Gordon S. Samel III, 33, was arrested Monday and charged with attempted murder in connection to a stabbing reported at the 5th Avenue Mall. Court documents say Samel went inside Nordstrom, got a cup of water from the third-floor espresso bar and then made his way to the second-floor café, where he had previously worked until August 2017.

Police say Samel confronted the cafe manager in the manager's office, where he stabbed him in the chest. An employee told officers they heard the manager "scream that he had been 'stabbed in the heart' and needed help," according to the documents.

That employee reportedly saw the manager run from the office, clutching his bloody chest.

Samel walked out calmly behind him.

According to court documents, the employee confronted Samel and threw a chair at him, but Samel seemed unfazed. Another employee began wrestling with Samel, but the stabbing suspect was able to get away. Samel was holding what one employee believed was a long knife with a silver blade and red handle.

The victim made it to the third-floor sky bridge area and collapsed in a room behind the espresso bar. He was taken to the hospital with a serious stab wound to the chest.

Gordon S. Samel III appears in court April 30, 2019. He is charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a former supervisor.

Samel was later found at his residence and was taken into custody with out incident. Samel’s red Jeep, which had been seen at the 5th Avenue Mall parking garage shortly before the stabbing, was located at his home. Inside, police found a pair of red-handled scissors with traces of what appeared to be blood.

The documents also list a possible motive for the crime. The boyfriend of Samel’s mother told police the 33-year-old stopped working at the Nordstrom Café because of conflicts with his boss.

"His statement indicated a possibility that the conflict was due to his boss being Muslim and his associated political views," the charging document states.

Samel is charged with first-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault and first-degree burglary.

The victim's wife was in court for Samel's arraignment Tuesday. Her husband remains hospitalized but is expected to recover, according to state prosecutors. 

Samel’s bail was set at $100,000 cash performance.  

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