It was a day nearly 14 years in the making for Carolina Vidal-Tolliday. With her husband and two children joining her, she became a naturalized U.S. citizen on Friday at ceremony held at the University of Alaska Anchorage's Wendy Williamson Auditorium.

"As they mentioned, as I earn and get rights, I also have responsibilities now," she said after the proceedings. "I can't wait to sign up and finally be able to vote and have a voice in the community. It's very exciting, such an honor, and I can't wait to start this new chapter."

Vidal-Tolliday originally hails from Mexico. It's a day she'll always remember.

She was one of 262 people who became official citizens, in what was the largest event of its kind in Alaska. People from 56 countries were approved for citizenship.

With such a large number, the ceremony lasted over an hour with family and friends of the new citizens in attendance.

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