The Native Village of Napaimute is receiving nearly $600,000 from the federal government to help it buy a landing craft, intended to help make it easier to transport logs from its lumber business.

The Economic Development Administration within the U.S. Department of Commerce announced its $589,000 grant Wednesday to the village, roughly 30 miles east of Aniak. According to Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Dr. John Fleming, the grant “will help them continue to compete in the wood products industry.”

“The addition of the waterborne landing craft will help the Native Village of Napaimute increase economic transactions and foster conditions that will be conducive to the creation of business and employment opportunities,” EDA staff wrote in a press release.

The Kuskokwim River community has been conducting a large-scale logging effort since 2012, with a post on the village's website crediting a specialized harvester capable of felling and delimbing a tree within a minute. This year, the village has been offering lumber packages to build cabins or homes at prices ranging from $6,500 to $22,000.

The village is accepting bids from sellers of landing craft through May 17.

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