I am a Mississippi man through and through, but I couldn't be more excited to be in Alaska. It's called the Last Frontier for a reason and I am ready to really tap into the adventurous side of me.

Speaking of adventurous, it's one way I became fascinated with the world of weather. I come from a part of the country known as "Dixie Alley," an area of the country that typically sees strong and violent tornadoes. Not only that, but Mississippi is an area that is prone to hurricanes, snow storms, ice storms and the list goes on. From the 1993 Storm of the Century, to numerous hurricanes (most recently Katrina), to long-track tornadoes, I always found myself out in the storm taking everything in around me. It's what drove me to pursue a degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University.

One thing I love about the job is the ability to travel and see unique parts of the country. I certainly have been blessed in that regard and couldn't ask for a better career. So when I had the ability to take a job in Alaska, I quickly jumped at the opportunity. I'm thrilled to be here and excited for what the future holds.

Weather is ever-changing and my passion for learning about it continues to grow every day and it's my goal to share that passion with others. My first on-air job was in Meridian, Mississippi, which just so happened to be the station I grew up watching. I was living the dream, but after two and a half years it was time to move on, which led me to Columbia, Missouri where I most recently came from. Now I'm here in Alaska and let me tell you I didn't know you could fall in love with nature so fast and I don't have any plans of leaving anytime soon.

When I'm not forecasting the weather, I will most definitely be out exploring everything that Alaska has to offer.

Fun fact: I am a published poet and enjoy writing. I'm currently working on a novel that I hope to publish one day. I also enjoy cooking and applying the skills I learned from the many women I grew up with in the kitchen and the short stint I learned while in culinary schools.