A frequent 911 caller has been taken into custody on a felony charge, after allegedly making a death threat this week against an APD dispatcher.

Ahrgone Shooshanian, 46, was arrested Friday afternoon on an outstanding warrant in the Thursday case, according to APD spokesman MJ Thim. Court records show Shooshanian charged with one count of second-degree terroristic threatening.

"We received a report around 3:30 p.m. from an employee at a business in the 300 block of East Dimond [Boulevard] about an adult male refusing to leave," Thim wrote in an email. "Officers with the Patrol Division arrived and located the suspect. He was identified as [Shooshanian]."

A charging document against Shooshanian, written by APD Officer Stanley Mahlatini, said he had twice called 911 Thursday, reporting separate incidents involving airport police and Providence Alaska Medical Center. Shooshanian declined to provide his location during either call, however, and swore at a dispatcher before he hung up during the second one.

“A few minutes after that Shooshanian called 911 again and this time spoke with [a female dispatcher],” Mahlatini wrote. “While talking to [her], Shooshanian began threatening to get a gun and then come to APD and blow her head off.”

Shooshanian has had a history of calling 911 and making threats to APD, according to the charging document. Efforts by police to call him back or find him Thursday failed.

Court records show that Shooshanian pleaded guilty to a 2010 felony assault in Anchorage. He also pleaded no contest to separate charges of carrying a concealed weapon and resisting an officer during an assault arrest in 1992 and 1995 respectively.

The warrant on which Shooshanian was arrested specified an initial bail of $2,500. If he is released on bail after being taken into custody, it also requires that he “not contact law enforcement dispatch unless there is a valid emergency.”

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