The snowy weather meant a slow down for some businesses on Thursday. Austin Merculieff of Alaska Tire Service reported at least 10 customers canceled appointments to have their winter tires taken off.

Merculieff said that didn't entirely surprise him. What did surprise him is the woman who called to say she wanted her snow tires put back on.

"She goes, 'I'm scared of all the snow,' and she lives up on Hillside so she said she wants hers to be, she's mounting hers back on today," Merculieff said.

some people canceled appointments to have studded tires taken off

The Department of Public Safety hasn't changed the deadline; in the Anchorage area, studded tires must be off before the first of May.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is prepared for whatever Mother Nature can throw at them, according to spokeswoman Shannon McCarthy. She said the department authorized overtime for snow plows early Wednesday morning to clear streets on the upper hillside and is prepared to do it again if road conditions warrant it.

"I think we are going to have these temperatures kind of fluctuating for the next couple days," said McCarthy. "So we're kind of on alert, on call if you will, to react to whatever happens."

McCarthy said warmer weather Thursday kept roads from freezing during the day although she warned that icy conditions could reoccur overnight.

"Use caution. Still remember your driving, your winter driving habits, and let's not get too fast just yet," she said.

Anchorage police reported five crashes as of 3:30 p.m. Thursday: three with injuries, two without, as well as two vehicles in the ditch.

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