The U.S. Constitution mandates a national census be taken every 10 years and the results help determine how much federal money is distributed to states and communities.

The subject of this week's Workforce Wednesday is the 2020 census and what positions the U.S. Census Bureau is looking to hire.

There are many opportunities available, whether you're looking for full- or part-time work, supervisory or non-supervisory positions. The pay is between $28 and $31 an hour. 

The bureau says one of the largest operations for the 2020 census is ramping up now. The process is called address canvassing, where the bureau verifies addresses and creates a master mailing list.

Census field manager Steve Tucker told KTVA's Daybreak that address canvassing is especially important after the Nov. 30 earthquake.

"We'll have census takers going door to door, not asking questions yet, but just going out confirming that the houses are occupied," Tucker said.

The census results affect how many federal dollars are allocated to the states.

"It also goes to apportioning about $500 billion across the United States, to cities and communities everywhere including here in Alaska," said Tucker.

If you're interested in joining the 2020 census team, go to the bureau's website. You can also call 1-855-JOB-2020 (1-855-562-2020) for more information.

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