A local bird club has started hosting adoption events in Anchorage to find new homes for the hundreds of cockatiels left behind after their owner passed away last month.

The nonprofit Alaska Bird Club is working with the family of the owner to find new homes for every bird. There isn’t much information on the man who passed away, but it’s been said he took pride in his flock.

"It was a sudden, unexpected death, so he hadn't made any prior sort of arrangements for what would happen to the birds," the group's vice president Amber Morris said.

Morris said the birds were kept in a special aviary room with branches in the man's house with nesting boxes inside. Now, the bird club is working with family members to keep most of them in the aviary room as the group searches for their new homes.

The first big adoption event was held by the nonprofit inside of a training center used by Bob's Services Inc. on Sunday.

"Usually our adoption program is just one at a time, two at a time, maybe somebody, you know, passes away and leaves us up to ten, so this is quite a number,” Morris said.

The bird club was able to gather 175 birds for the event, including four doves, but one cockatiel flew out of an open window when its cage was bumped during the roundup.

While some adopters at Sunday’s event were searching for companions for the birds they already had at home, others were looking for new experiences with a few feathery friends.

"I had just lost one of my pet birds that I really loved dearly, and he was a rescue," said Kayla Oaks, who rescued four cockatiels. "I'm really excited. They're all super cute, and I hope that I'm going to be able to give them the best life possible."

Organizers with the bird club said there are still more than 100 cockatiels left to be adopted. They are planning on having at least two more adoption programs within the next few weeks.

Anyone who would like to adopt a bird can contact the Alaska Bird Club or go to their Facebook page. Morris said the club is always looking for members to join and those interested can find more information on the group's website.

Elizabeth Roman and Cassie Schirm contributed to this report.

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