Alaska Family Services is raising awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence one cup of coffee at a time.

On Thursday, staff put together 2,000 informational coffee sleeves to send out to shops in the Valley.

Each one has a fact about violence and abuse along with a hotline number for people to call.

Outreach coordinator Jeaninne Milne said this is the fourth time they’ve done a campaign like this: twice in October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and now twice in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

She said it’s not always easy for people to get away from their abusers to ask for help. The coffee sleeves are a discreet way to let people know where to turn.

“Getting that information out in places you might not expect it has really helped people open up their eyes to the problem but then also to allow a safe way to get that information to people who might need it,” Milne said.

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual assault or domestic violence, you can call Alaska Family Services at 746-8026.

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