One of the men accused in the alleged Alaska torture and murder of a fellow 1488 gang member has been arrested in Georgia, federal court records show.

Glen Baldwin, 37, also known as “Glen Dog,” was taken into custody Monday, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Georgia.

Baldwin was the only defendant still at large among half a dozen indicted last month, amid a sprawling case linked to the white-supremacist 1488 gang operating both in the community and inside Alaska prisons. 

The federal case includes charges of kidnapping, assault, murder and conspiracy in connection to the alleged August 2017 death of 1488 member Michael Staton, aka “Steak Knife.”

Prosecutors say Staton was kidnapped and killed in Wasilla after being accused of stealing a Hells Angels vest from Craig King, aka “Oakie,” an alleged 1488 associate and Hells Angel member.

According to court documents related to the case, Baldwin is one of three men accused of taking turns burning a 1488 tattoo from Staton’s chest with a hot knife. King had allegedly lined a room where Staton was tortured with plastic, but the plastic ripped and investigators discovered a bloody handprint at the scene.

Craig King, aka

According to a bail memorandum filed to keep King in Alaska custody, Staton was then shot and his body was burned.  

Federal filings against Baldwin say a public defender was appointed for him at a Monday court hearing in Georgia. A federal magistrate judge approved prosecutors’ motion that he continue to be held pending extradition to Alaska.

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