The third- and fourth-graders in Ms. Koch and Mr. Akers' classes at Bowman Elementary's Open Optional program are studying meteorology this month and to help them see the science in action, I brought the KTVA Weather Lab to their classroom. 

They got a close up look at the weather instruments I use to monitor the atmosphere and how I analyze the data to make a forecast.

These young scientists knew all about thermometers and anemometers, but barometers were new to them.

With the help of a KTVA Weather Lab experiment, they can now tell you all about how barometers work and why we need them. They learned how using the right instruments along with some math and physics will not only show you what the air is doing around you, but also how it will change over the hours and days to come. 

If you would like the KTVA Weather Lab to visit your school or organization, email the weather team at

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