Call it his "attitude of gratitude."

Steve Garrity simply sees it as a calling that he answered. 

The former University of Alaska Anchorage basketball player brought his Hoop Camp back to Anchorage Saturday and Sunday at the O'Malley Sports Complex, the goal of which is to serve a group he's always felt needed to better served. 

The camp is geared toward special needs people of all ages. Using basketball as a means of inclusion and unification, he connects volunteers with the campers.

Now based in Portland, Oregon, he's been doing these camps for 25 years. During the Saturday event, where over 100 people showed up, he said he gives back to show gratitude for everything life has given him.

"It's a calling, it's an obligation," Garrity said. 

Both UAA's men's and women's basketball teams were on hand, as well as a slew of volunteers of all ages to help out and hoop it up with the campers.

The cost was $50 per camper but no one is turned away if money is an issue. 

Rafeal Howard enjoyed his time.

"It's been fun meeting new people up here."   

Jianxin Houston Speckman made 10 baskets and saw the healthy end of it, too. 

"It's good for my body and then lots of exercise," he said.

Garrity agrees. This was a time for the athletes to shine.

"They're LeBron James and Michael Jordan. They get to play and showcase their talents and skills with other players at the highest level they can."

Out here, everybody shines. 

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