The federal appellate court overseeing Alaska added a new Republican-backed judge to its pool, after a Senate confirmation of an Arizona jurist nominated by President Trump.

Bridget Bade, 53, was confirmed Tuesday by the Senate on a 78-21 vote, according to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. She takes a 2016 seat opened when Phoenix judge Barry Silverman became a senior 9th Circuit judge.

According to the National Law Journal, Bade is President Trump’s fourth nominee to the 9th Circuit; her confirmation brings the court to nine of 25 current judges selected by Republican presidents. Trump nominees Kenneth Lee and Daniel Collins of California are awaiting Senate votes after their March confirmation hearing.

Bade has served as a federal magistrate judge since 2012, following six years of work as an assistant district attorney in the U.S. District of Arizona. Before that she spent more than a decade in private practice, working on cases including environmental, intellectual property and commercial litigation.

The 9th Circuit issued a decision against John Sturgeon which was overturned Tuesday by the U.S. Supreme Court, allowing Sturgeon to operate a hovercraft on waters flowing through federal lands in Alaska. The same circuit also issued a ruling last year upholding the designation of ringed seals as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, which the Dunleavy administration is asking federal officials to overturn.

The circuit holds two court meetings per year in Anchorage.

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