A student from Mirror Lake Middle School is facing disciplinary action for an Instagram post seen over the weekend.

The Anchorage School District is calling the post, "a potential non-specific threat." It's not clear what the context of that post was, or what it alluded to, but it was enough for a concerned citizen to bring it to the attention of the principal.

"We have to take every one of those situations seriously and investigate every single one to the fullest extent we can," said Catherine Esary, director of communications for the Anchorage School District. "Student safety and our staff safety, we say it all the time, that that is our most important priority, and it is."

The Anchorage Police Department did follow-up with the student who posted the message. KTVA's questions for police regarding the investigation were not immediately answered due to holiday hours in observance of Seward's Day.

The principal at the middle school, Alexander Hagler, sent a message to parents and families Monday morning notifying them of what had occurred.

Last fall, Anchorage Police responded to several school threats made at a handful of Anchorage schools. Some students in those incidents were arrested for making those threats, following investigations.  

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