In a bid to save money, the University of Alaska Anchorage will close its current Chugiak-Eagle River campus and move to new buildings in Eagle River this fall.

The University of Alaska system is currently facing a proposed 41 percent funding cut under Gov. Mike Dunleavy's proposed budget.

Spring and summer classes will continue at UAA's current campus, but the UAA lease ends this year. Beginning in the fall the university will use buildings that are owned by the Anchorage School District. There's no word yet on which classes will be offered at the Eagle River campus.

"Understandably, you may be concerned about what the course offerings will be and where those classes will occur," said UAA Chancellor Cathy Sandeen in a letter to students and staff. "We are working through the details of this change and will share updates with you as we have them."

Alaska Middle College School students were moved from the Eagle River campus to the Anchorage campus after the Nov 30 earthquake. That change will continue into the fall.

There's also confirmation of which ASD buildings in Eagle River will be used, but UAA called their commitment to serving Eagle River "unwavering."

"We are grateful for a strong partnership with ASD that makes it possible for us to leverage available resources to support education in these cost-cutting times," said UAA spokeswoman Kirstin Olmstead.

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