An Anchorage man repeatedly arrested in violent encounters with police has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison.

Shane Muse was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to U.S. Attorney for Alaska Bryan Schroder's office.

In October of 2017 Muse was charged with driving a stolen SUV and ramming a police vehicle, but was released without bail under the state's new bail system.

While on release, Muse was again arrested in March 2018, after police said he drove a stolen vehicle aggressively toward officers. When he was taken into custody, police allegedly found a loaded stolen gun in the vehicle with Muse and a passenger.

In June of 2018, while again on release awaiting trial, Muse was arrested again in a case leading to his felon-in-possession charge. Officers with the state's Pretrial Enforcement Division tried to arrest Muse on suspicion of violating his release conditions, but he allegedly resisted and tried to reach his front pocket. When he was subdued, officers allegedly found a loaded handgun in his pocket.

According to Schroder's office, Chief U.S. District Judge Tim Burgess had harsh words for Muse at his sentencing. Burgess said Muse's prior arrests, along with two teenage cases of robbery, suggest "an escalation and continuation of a path of criminality that Muse is up to his eyeballs in."

Muse is still awaiting trial on both the 2017 and 2018 state cases of driving a stolen vehicle and vehicle theft. Those cases are expected to have their next trial dates in April.

After his release from federal custody, Muse will spend three years on parole.

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