The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution opposing Gov. Mike Dunleavy's proposed budget.

Members voted 9–2 to approve the measure that opposes the governor's the proposed budget for fiscal year 2020. The resolution states, "the budget proposal would do significant damage to the economies of Anchorage and the state, and result in a prolonged statewide recession, reduced investment, outmigration, and estimated job losses in the public and private sector in the order of tens of thousands."

The governor says the cuts are necessary to close a budget gap of $1.6 billion.

Both Dick Traini and Suzanne LaFrance voted for the resolution. Traini said that under the proposal the municipality would eventually have to raise taxes for costs for schools not covered in the state budget. LaFrance said some people had called the proposed budget a conversation starter, but she said in many ways it has not been a productive conversation.

The two Assembly members who opposed the resolution — John Weddleton and Fred Dyson — said it doesn't foster cooperation with the administration. Weddleton called it a poke in the eye to the governor and instead encouraged citizens to write the governor with their concerns.  Dyson said that while he had no problems with the resolution, he was uncomfortable with the discussion around it, saying it could hurt collaborations with the state.

KTVA reached out to Gov. Dunleavy's administration for reaction Wednesday and had not heard back at the time of publishing.

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