The Cook Inlet chapter of the Society of American Foresters says it has had such demand for its annual tree seedling sale that some species are sold out, months ahead of prior years.

Siberian larch, white spruce and paper birch seedlings are no longer available for pickup in May, according to a statement from the chapter on Tuesday. In August, however, there will be about 4,400 white spruce seedlings available.

There are still a couple hundred lodgepole pine and Scotch pine seedlings available for spring pickup, but those aren’t expected to last much longer, the chapter says.

For any species, a bundle of 20 costs $40.

Seedlings that have already been purchased (except the white spruce slated for August) can be picked up in Anchorage or Wasilla on Saturday, May 18.

People on the Kenai Peninsula will be contacted about their pickup location a few days after May 18, the chapter says.

Customers whose orders are unfilled in the 2019 sale will have their orders placed in the 2020 sale or get a full refund.

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