As the search for the missing crew from a downed Guardian Flight medevac plane continues, search crews have recovered the plane's black box cockpit voice recorder from the waters of Frederick Sound.

Senior vice president of operations Randy Lyman posted on Guardian Flight's Facebook page about the discovery.

The submersible Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) commissioned by Guardian Flight has located and recovered the Cockpit Voice Recorder (Black Box) of our aircraft under water in Alaska’s Frederick Sound. The ROV has also identified a landing gear and an engine from the aircraft.

The search for our beloved crew is continuing. All questions regarding recovery of the aircraft and the plans for the Cockpit Voice Recorder should be directed to the NTSB.

While this is a positive development in our search, the confirmation of our tragedy is a heartbreaking time for the Guardian Flight family and the families of our friends. Please respect their privacy and ours during this emotional and sad time.

As we continue the search for our beloved friends, we continue to honor their memory and recognize their contributions to the well being of Alaskans through their dedicated careers flying patients to higher levels of medical care.

We will continue to post updates as appropriate.


The missing plane vanished Jan. 29 on its way to Kake from Anchorage.

The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search for the plane and its Juneau-based flight crew — pilot Patrick Coyle, 63; flight nurse Stacie Rae Morse, 30; and flight paramedic Margaret Langston Allen, 43 — after it found debris believed to be from the missing plane. Family members say Morse was pregnant when the plane went missing.

Guardian Flight continued the search after the Coast Guard suspended its search for the missing plane.

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