Cabbage, corned beef, green beer: St. Patrick's Day is often celebrated with alcohol. However, some establishments chose to have something more inclusive on the menu in honor of Sobriety Awareness Month.

"We just feel like we want to include everybody and all Alaskans," Chad Kaina, the general manager of 49th State Brewing Company, said of his restaurant's non-alcoholic drink option. "Not just beer drinkers and whiskey drinkers that we normally cater to, but the entire population."

Though his restaurant's holiday-themed drink was only available for one night, other establishments are keeping their specialty drinks on the menu through March.

Tequila 61 General Manager Allan Lombell said offering non-alcoholic drinks makes good business sense. This month, they're offering one that's a mix of ginger, passion fruit, cucumber, mint and ginger ale.

"We really want people to enjoy themselves," he said. "Not all the time, it has to be, you have to be drunk, or a little bit tipsy to enjoy yourself."

Recover Alaska Executive Director Tiffany Hall, who has been sober for nine years, says the increase in non-alcoholic drinks on local menus is good news.

"I am a viable market," she said. "I would be happy to pay for a beverage if I want to celebrate something out with my friends or my family, rather than just get water or having to drink soda all night."

It's estimated that one in every 12 Alaskans are abusing or are dependent on alcohol or drugs, according to research posted on Recover Alaska's website. Hall says that costs the state nearly $2 billion a year when you factor in the costs of health care, first responders, treatment and more.

Sobriety Awareness Month was signed into law last year in Alaska. The bill focused on celebrating sober lifestyles and encouraging people to stay clean.

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