Convicted killer Dominic Johnson will undergo testing before he’s sentenced for his role in David Grunwald’s murder.

Johnson, who will be 20 next month, is one of four people charged with shooting and killing 16-year-old Grunwald in November 2016. In December, a jury convicted him on all nine charges, including first-degree murder.

Erick Almandinger was convicted of first-degree murder in Grunwald’s death in May 2018 and will have his sentencing hearing next week. Suspects Bradley Renfro and Austin Barrett are awaiting their August trial, which the judge moved to Fairbanks.

At a status hearing on Thursday, Johnson’s attorney, Lyle Stohler told the judge he needed a copy of the pre-sentence report so he could get “testing” done.

“You’re going to do individual testing of your client, then?” Judge Gregory Heath asked.

“I anticipate that,” Stohler responded.

Stohler didn’t elaborate on what kind of testing he wants done, but said he retained Dr. Aron Wolf.

Wolf’s office was closed Wednesday, but a media representative at Providence Hospital confirmed Wolf is a psychiatrist listed in their directory.

Palmer District Attorney Roman Kalytiak said the state will likely get its own expert to review the testing and possibly interview Johnson as well.

There’s no set date for Johnson’s sentencing yet. He’ll be back in court in June for another status hearing.

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