Anchorage voters will see seven bond propositions on vote-by-mail ballots for the April 2 municipal election including Proposition 3: a $5,513,000 bond to pay for capital improvements to municipal properties.

Local libraries will reap the benefit if voters say yes to Proposition 3, the Loussac Library in particular. Clare Ross, with the Anchorage Office of Economic and Community Development, said a recent renovation of the library did not include funds to replace four aging elevators that were installed in 1986. Ross said the elevators break down frequently, and the cost to repair them is adding up.

Elevators at the Loussac library were installed in 1986 and frequently break down

"They're safe, but when they do break down, we have to close them off," Ross said. "The company doesn't make those parts anymore, so parts have to be special ordered and so they can be closed for long periods of time and be really expensive to maintain."

Bond money would go to the Anchorage and Chugiak Senior Centers

Another winner could be the Anchorage Senior Center which needs part of its roof replaced. Director Becky Parker said the glass-covered atrium at the entrance to the building has been in place for 36 years.

"We have Visqueen covering it right now so it's not leaking, but it has to be replaced," Parker said.

The Anchorage Senior Center's glass roof leaks and needs replacement

The center also needs to update its restrooms, which bond money would fund. Parker said the restrooms are difficult for people who use wheelchairs or walkers to enter.

"For 36 years we've had these same restrooms and they need to be [Americans with Disabilities Act] compliant, so we have to bring them up to code and redo them," Parker said.

Senior Center restrooms are not ADA compliant

The Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center would receive money under the bond, as would the Girdwood and Mountain View libraries. Several other municipal buildings would benefit from the bond, as well as the Anchorage Memorial Cemetery which needs both repair and improvements.

If passed, Proposition 3 would authorize an annual increase in taxes of approximately $1.25 for each $100,000 of assessed taxable property value to retire the proposed bonds.

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