Hunters face fines, forfeitures in illegal moose kills

Monday, March 11th 2019, 7:52 PM AKDT
(Credit: Mike Dyas via
(Credit: Mike Dyas via

Two Alaska men have pleaded guilty to several crimes, after illegally killing two moose last year and improperly salvaging them.

Chris Bowman, 27, and Jeff Lanners, 23, pleaded guilty to five misdemeanors according to a statement from Alaska State Troopers. On March 5 the two were each sentenced to a $15,000 fine with $10,000 suspended. They also had to forfeit their rifle, canoe, and motor, because they were used in the taking of a cow moose illegally.

In addition, Bowman and Lanners had their hunting privileges revoked for a year.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers initially began an investigation on Sept. 17, after a report of two partially salvaged moose near Tangle Lakes.

"The Tangle Lakes area is an easy to get to and popular hunting spot. Because of the high amount of hunters that utilize it, any take of an animal should be done responsibly," said AWT Director Col. Doug Massie. "In this case, a breeding pair of moose was wasted. That will have an impact on the future moose population. Irresponsible hunting will eventually lead to no hunting due to diminishing populations if we aren't careful."

Eventually troopers found their suspects, Bowman and Lanners, in January and questioned them. Troopers say the two took the cow moose without a permit, failed to salvage game meat, and removed the antlers before the meat. That's in addition to unlawful possession and transportation charges.

Troopers added that hunters should self-report any violations as soon as possible. You can also report hunting and fishing violations anonymously by calling the Fish and Wildlife Safeguard at 1-800-478-3377.

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