The positive energy is always on point as Angela Reid welcomes students into her math class at Mirror Lake Middle School in Chugiak.

Reid keeps the mood light for the sixth and seventh graders, offering jokes to make the students more at ease with the subject at hand.

"There's a good [joke] that's like, 'What do you call your friends who love math? Your alge-bros!' I thought that one was pretty solid," Reid said.

Reid works hard to make math as enjoyable as she can, connecting on a person level with students like 12 year-old Taralyn.

"The way [Reid] teaches inspires me to be more into math and to know (sic) math is important," she said.

"That's the goal," Reid explained. "I get them... get them excited. Math is not, it's not really a subject that most people are, 'Whoo, let's go do math!,' but I try to make it as fun as possible."

Reid has taught both math and science in her nine years as an educator. While teaching wasn't always part of her professional plans, Reid says she's right where she needs to be.

"I was helping my cousin with her math one day when I graduated from college," Reid remembered. "I was like, 'This is kinda fun. This is easy.'"

What may come easy to Reid doesn't always come easy to her students. She understands.

For her students, every day in class presents a new math adventure. Whether celebrating "Pi Day" and making sure students go home with something sweet to eat, or just working through common math equations, Reid has one ultimate goal for her students.

"I'm happy if they're comfortable talking about math, having those conversations with each other," Reid said. "[Students] feel just a little more confident in their math skills. Maybe I'm not so bad at math or maybe I'm rocking this. Either way, I'm happy if they leave with a better understanding."

Reid inspires and motivates through positive energy and reinforcement.

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