Dustin Darden is a candidate for Assembly District 3 - Seat D - West Anchorage in the 2019 Municipal Elections. If elected, he will serve a three-year term for the Assembly for the Municipality of Anchorage.

KTVA asked Darden, as well as those running against him, to answer a few questions about his stance on key issues in the community as part of our election coverage this year. Each candidate was given an equal amount of time to respond to these questions and informed of the set publishing date.

Here are Darden's answers to those questions.

Question 1 – An alcohol sales tax will appear on the April ballot to combat substance abuse, homelessness and to increase public safety. Do you agree with the tax? Why or why not?

I object, the question is leading your honor.

Question 2 – Anchorage has experienced a growing problem with homelessness. What will be your approach to addressing these issues, and at what cost?

Open campsites like the Ewok village in Star Wars, ziplines and all.

Question 3 – Gov. Dunleavy announced $1.6B in budget cuts in February. As the budget process continues in Juneau, how will you respond to the state’s budget challenges?

Cut down all the cell phone towers. They emit radiation, causes cancer.

Question 4 – The governor’s budget will cut about $2.5M from the municipality’s budget and an estimated $146M from the Anchorage School District. How will you respond to these cuts locally?

Audit the FAA's involvement in "geo engineering" program. Heavy metals have no place in Anchorage airspace.

Question 5 – Eagle River, Chugiak and Peter’s Creek residents sustained damage during the Nov. 30 earthquake. Do you support annexing residents to be part of the building safety service area? Why or why not?

They can hang out with the [homeless] at the Ewok village, all are welcome. I'm down, no taxes.

Question 6 – There is a need for affordable housing in the municipality. How will you foster this?

"See answer 2"

Contact the cowards in Juneau, have them pass a bill like [House Bill] 250 2017. Peace.

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